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Animal Wellness Center Denver - Pets’ Wellness Preconceptions and Facts

We have all heard preconceptions when it comes to caring for our dogs. Is a dry nose yet, a sign that your dog is ill? Is it okay to occasionally give our feline pals a glass of milk? Animal Wellness Center Denver polled over 2,000 Americans to determine what they thought about the most popular pet wellness preconceptions. We have also invited onboard one of our resident Itch Vets for expert input on what works and what does not for our little fluffs, just to be sure we are not lying.

What signs should I look for to see if my cat or dog is sick: Is your dog's tail waving a little less fervently than it usually does? Is your cat acting a little more aloof than usual? It can be challenging to tell the difference between when our pet is feeling down and genuinely ill. Still, there is a slew of preconceptions and superstitions out there that could be confusing and alarming pet parents, also your pet's look of deception when they realize you are taking them to the vet.

Pet Wellness Denver mentions that it is something we hear from pet owners all the time. When we get calls from owners stating their pets are sick, it is a recurrent theme, yet we always reassure them that it is not a factor we have ever considered in our clinical exams. A behavior change is usually the best clue that a pet is sick, but it appears that we are ignoring the warning signs! Almost two-fifths (39%) do not believe that a pet going to the bathroom more frequently than average is an indication that they are ill, and nearly half (45%) do not believe that more cat (or dog) naps are a cause for concern.

It is not just for security that you should have a pet. What should you do as a pet parent?
It is a big, exciting time when you bring a pet into your home, but you also take on the responsibility of keeping them flea-free, fighting fit, and happy. There is a long list of things a pet needs to live a healthy, happy life, from regular vet visits, vaccinations, and insurance to worming and exercise. They are, after all, our furry lifelines.

Cat Clinic Denver says that all pets deserve a yearly vaccination and health check, yet our research shows that many pets lack out — more than half of us (54 percent) do not believe pets should be taken to the veterinarian once a year. Furthermore, with as many as two-fifths (38 percent) of people thinking they do not need to ensure their pet, there could be a significant number of pets at risk in the US.

We will pests you on this one: alarmingly, 28% of pet parents believe they don't need to monitor their pets for fleas daily. Texans (41%) are the worst offenders when allowing the tiny critters to get away with it.

Flea and worm control should be done regularly; if left unchecked, fleas can cause various health issues, not to mention being a pain to remove from your home's carpets, wardrobes, and furniture — the list goes on and on! Flea treatments should be given to your dogs regularly to keep the little blighters at bay.

What about the canines or your dogs? We noticed that most individuals (65%) do not believe it is vital for a pet owner to brush their pet's teeth every day, despite the fact that veterinarians recommend it.

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These are just some of the common preconceptions regarding our pets, yet when you visit Animal Wellness Center Denver, we will educate you to care for your lovely pets appropriately.